A message arrives?

There appears to be a new card in the deck that I’ve never seen before and isn’t on the wiki.

It’s called &quotA message arrives&quot with the envelope icon and deals with the early parts of the Family and Law storyline (I was using a starter alt). I am not entirely sure how it works though because the unlocks for the card are not having any rendezvous but all the options require you to favour either the Cheery Man or the Last Constable. Is it possible to favour without having a rendezvous?..

Admittedly it’s been a good while since I played that particular content, but I seem to remember that you can switch &quotfavor&quot at least once in the course of playing the story. I recall initially favoring the Cheery Man before ultimately choosing to support the Constable. I could be wrong, though, it’s been a lot of mushroom wine and honey dreams since then.
edited by Macragg on 4/12/2016

It seems to be a new card! I have been putting off the Playing with Soul and Family and Law content but they used to be always available for trigger in their respective locations, but the storylets are gone and I just drew a card today for the Playing with Soul content. Aside from how you get to it it seems no different content-wise.