A Memory of Nook (spoilers)

I have been Nookified to a dangerous degree, my Taste of Freedom has gone up to ten and my crew is afraid of me. I went to Aigul, which is where the text says I can reduce Taste of Freedom, i.e. get de-Nookified. Un-Nooked? Anyway. It requires the quality A Memory of Nook an dI would like a hint as to how I should acquire this quality. I need to go back to Nook, obviously, but is there anything I need to bring? A particular storylet to seek or avoid?
edited by theskymaw on 10/24/2016

Various activities in nook seem to give memories. I think looking up through the maw is a fairly reliable one. I’m actually kinda curious what you did in Nook that boosted your Taste of Freedom to ten without somehow acquiring at least 1 Memory of Nook.

I didn’t cap the entire visit sadly so I don\t remember exactly what I did. I do remember I definitely swam around a bit visiting the different parts, although Nook’s overall anatomy is a bit confusing to me. I was there mainly for immortality reasons, so I went to visit the Khaganite(?) gentleman in the air pocket.

When I go back I will pay closer attention. Although I worry about my terror level.

The terror isn’t that bad. I’ve only ever seen 5 terror gain upon leaving. I don’t think it actually goes any higher.