A Meeting on the Embankment

Has anyone else had this storylet yet? (I wont say exactly what it is to prevent spoilers)

Has anyone made the big decision? I’ve been dithering for ages and can’t decide which option to take.
The first one is obviously more fun but I have suspicions that this will ultimately lead to a bad ending

Also, does the story actually advance after making the choice or is this another ‘to be continued’?

Aah, I have much the same dilema, I suppose there’s more after this, since many people praise this particular storyline as one of the most interesting ones.
The question is, however, whether all the options lead to more story or if it’s only the first one. I’m generally disinclined to the take the first option as I often don’t see eye to eye with the party involved, however, I can’t say no to the offer if it’s the only way of getting these particularly interesting bits of story.

I don’t remember that decision exactly, but if it’s the one I’m thinking of, opting in gives you a time to gather information before making a final decision. That said - perhaps message me the text of the storylet and its options to refresh my memory?

Having been reminded where that particular point lies in the story (cheers much for that - and nice Young Oscar icon!), I’ll say: as far as I’m aware, all of these options lead immediately to a To Be Continued, with a strong suggestion that your decision will be story-significant later on. So, don’t try to meta-game by picking whatever brings the most content - go with your conscience.

(For the record, I chose peace and prudence for the public good.)

Ah yes… that card sat on my stack for a very long time while I dithered. The first option sounds like the most fun; but like you I don’t often get along with the party in question - and I don’t want to loose all connection with the offended party. I’m not really the “tattling” type; although that option tempts me nonetheless on the off chance of being a double-agent. I think that’s wishful thinking though.

Eventually I was saved from the decision by my insane quest for the Name; and lost my opportunity cards. I’m sure it will turn up again and I’ll eventually have to figure it out.

Ah, I just got this opportunity, made the choice requiring a quite difficult quality to obtain in measure, gained yet more of that very quality (my Voice is Heard, you see) and a new quality of such note that I added it to my mantlepiece. =)

So you heeded the words behind Mr. Huffman’s words, eh? Good for you. And the Neath.
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I dithered… and went for the one I thought would harm my connections the least, haha.

I don’t think the choice can be TOO story significant later, just because otherwise those people who didn’t spend the fate wouldn’t get to progress. But it’ll be fun to see what happens!

@Patrick: A different solution than yours, but I believe that I reported the issue to the right gentlemen (despite it being questionable whether they are either gentle or properly men).

Well, I tried to talk him out of it, though I’m not so sure it took. That said, I consider Huffman’s doubled meaning some of the best writing in the game.

I rather wish there was a ‘play both sides against the middle’ option–say, dealing in weapons and information to each… Really, that’s the best way to take advantage of this sort of thing.

Wait, what are people talking about? I can find no mention of this card on the wiki.

It’s the conclusion to the Fate-locked continuation of Theological Husbandry.

As Lord Byron faced the Ottoman Empire, so I shall face an even greater challenge!

(hopefully the fact that I chose the first option is at least a little obvious :) )

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Sorry for reviving this thread, but I was just looking through my qualities… while my two alts have clearly taken sides in the matter in question (having the relating Brazen Fate qualities) my main character has &quotBound in Diocesan Intrigue 6&quot but no Brazen Fate… was there an option not to take sides? Or something else?

It’s been so long since I’ve played this…

If you don’t side with the Bishop or the Devils, you won’t get A Brazen Fate, I think.

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Yeah, but if there was such an option I don’t remember at all what it said… it would be great if someone else who made this choice could link me to their journal entry! :)
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OK, so I’m thinking of getting A Brazen Fate - an Infernal Agent, and change my destiny to Appetite. The whole infernal shebang! ;)

Could someone tell me whether the choices that lead to the Brazen-Fate-Destinies are Fate-locked themselves? And if so, how much?

I’m asking because I’m about to pay the Fate to unlock the deeper mysteries of the Labyrinth… and I’ll have to pay Fate the next Fruits of the Zee Festival/Hallowmas/Neathmas to change my destiny. Just want to know the exact cost of my plans… well, the monetary cost. The cost to my soul is probably incalculable… ;)
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You’ll get the story with the Bishop with your purchase of the Empyrean Redolence formula, so no additional costs there. You will need to breed a Stallion to unlock the card, however, and the whole thing is entirely card based so it might go more slowly than you would like it to. My second post on this forum was to check to make sure I was in fact waiting on a card because it took several weeks for it to show up after reaching 5.