A matter of Flesh while Nemesis

Hello flabbergasting friends !

I’m in big trouble as i recently died temporarily during my Nemesis adventure.


I’m on a Nemesis quest (the one with the dagger in the picture). I went to the tomb colony looking for a specific person whose name i forgot (Caterwell or so ?). I had to climb a wall of the sanitarium protected by fierce gigantic spiders and tomb colonists. I had access to a room where i met the person i was looking for. Suddenly, when i clicked the onward button, it seems my wounds went lethal, and i was teleported on the boat then after recoverng, woke up in my bedroom.

I, today, found no way to reach back this place and continue my story. The only Nemesis card i found is in the Forgotten quarter, and only allows me to get relics.

I’m stuck and look for help !

please save my history !

Well, you can only reach Venderbight with a ship so you should probably look at the Wolfstack Docks?

Hello again and thank you Phryne ! That’s what i was frightened about … i’ll have to be lucky and find mmy way back there then !

If you don’t have the Docks permanently open yet, you might consider doing that first. You’ll probably be doing a few trips back and forth to Venderbight. You’ll need 200 Surface Currency and 500 Glim, and once attained, the route can be opened through your Lodgings > Open a Way to Other Parts of the City.