A libraryette for Mr Pages

I seem to remember, in the misty depths of the past, taking this option. I think that it provided a single change point of that most elusive of connections - the Masters of the Bazaar - in exchange for 10,000 Proscribed Texts (and a paltry handful of jade, but that’s of no moment).

I could well be mistaken as to how popular it could make you and for that matter, things may well have changed in the last year or so. So, I ask you: has anyone here taken that option recently (preferably since the alternative option was added), and if so, do they have any idea how many cp it provided? 10,000 Proscribed Texts require quite a few actions, so it’s not something I can casually check. I’m considering increasing my Connection, but if it’s only 1cp per 10,000, well… I may reconsider.

I don’t remember for certain which one it was, but I know one of the tasks I’ve done in the past to try to increase my masters connection proved futile because it was already too high for that storylet to increase it. I have no intent to make further potentially futile attempts to improve my relationships with them at this time.

That was probably the Mr. Wines Party one. I believe that the non-Fate route won’t raise it if it’s already 1, and the Fate route won’t raise it if it’s already… 3? It does say something to that effect on the card, I believe. But yes, that’s partly why I’m raising the question in the forum - to see what anyone knows about the subject.

I actually did this recently. The effort put in was not worth what I got for it. I was at Connected 3 at the time and it barely pushed it along. Of course I’ve lost all my Connected: The Masters now so it really was a waste of time.

I think if you accidentally happen to find yourself with the required (or close to the required) amount of texts then you should go for it, but it’s not worth grinding for.

If you’re at Connected 3 and it barely pushed it along, that sounds very much like it’s only 1cp. Not 100% certainty, but very, very likely.
Thank you. I’ll avoid taking that option.

The newer option which allows you to trade in Blackmail material and the like gives 3cp. I think 10k texts used to only give 1cp, but I don’t know if it was changed to also give that amount, but I’m working on finding out.

I’m still pretty early in the game, so I only had 100 illicit manuscripts, but Mr Pages took them and in exchange lowered my scandal, erased my suspicion (which was only at 1), and gave me an uncovered identity.

That’s a pretty recent option, actually. Definitely postdates this thread by a couple years.