A Letter from your Aunt

There’s a fatelocked story concerning re-establishing relations with the aunt who appeared earlier in the game.

I have a bit of fate kicking around, i was thinking of maybe buying it. But it says it unlocks a set of new opportunities, are those worthwhile? I really don’t want to add another handful of useless auto-discard cards to my deck.

Anyone who’s tried this content, what did you think of it?

There are three possible conclusions to the Aunt’s story, each with their own opportunity card. Without giving too much away… they can be broadly described as Church/Society/Masters. The Church one I’ve never taken, so I don’t know what it does. The Society one remains consistently useful for Scandal reduction (possibly Suspicion as well - don’t recall right now, but it’s decent.) The Masters one is a high risk/high reward option with unusual mechanical effects - it has its adherents, but personally, I don’t bother with it.
edited by Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook on 2/4/2016

hmm, curious.
would you say it’s worthwhile, overall? are the cards good to have around?

I took the Society outcome, and the Scandal reduction was very useful while I was still leveling stats. I believe it is also worth either 1.1 or 1.3 epa (can’t remember the exact rewards at the moment). I’ve used it less since stat-capping as I don’t incur much Scandal anymore, but the Flash Lays have breathed some additional life into it.

From what I’ve heard, the Masters option is a great one in the grand scheme of things, but like any luck-based option, it can be frustrating in the short term.

Doing the story won’t reduce the number of cards in your deck, but it will replace a mediocre card with a significantly more useful one.

I chose the Masters option, and I feel this card utterly the best, or at least top-3 of my deep endgame (I’m doing Cider grind currently, as had finished pretty much all content currently available, including Ubergoat)

Society or Masters are good, since they both provide something handy and relatively unique (in Masters’ case, unique but risky).

The Church option, last time I checked, is pretty similar to the Society Aunt card except you lose like 5 Echoes each time you play it instead of earning anything. That’s before the Masters option was buffed, though, but even if they gave Church a buff alongside the Master option you are still looking at Struggling Artist 2.0.

Anyway, the biggest benefit to Aunt, aside from having another friendly face in the Neath, is that she unlocks something special in Carnelian Coast.
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If you don’t buy the story, doesn’t the Aunt keep showing up on a useless card to bother you anyway?

Yes, but swapping one useless card for another isn’t exactly a worthwhile deal for anything save story. If that ending is valuable for RP purposes, or you want to see what happens, feel free, but otherwise…
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