A letter about a dream about a tropical vacation

[i]On the beaches of Numico, a letter lays unopened, unsigned and unaddressed. The contents, if one were to open and read it, is as follows.

[/i] Help! I think I just turned down a life of luxury in a sun-lit tropical paradise!

I think it was a dream. Not sure. In any rate, just looking at the islands I could go to cost me 35 echoes, and since I had already paid I was told that I could leave at any time. I was given two main recommendations for destinations to go to and one minor destination. I tried writing down everything I was told, then looking off of that I tried writing down the destinations I was told to.

I backed away for a moment. I was told that looking at the offer was still up but it would cost me an additional 35 echoes because I looked away. I only had 145 echoes, so constantly looking away would get very expensive.

I could become a completely different person. Do I want to? I am uncertain.

It was probably all a dream. Hopefully. Maybe. In any rate, all of my worldly possessions are still with me, echoes included. And I can not seem to find the sheet of paper I supposedly wrote on.
edited by Aleccia Rosewater on 3/25/2017