A lengthy lease to the premises at the bazaar...

I want it. I recently got the yacht (which for my first ship, was probably a mistake. But it’s done.)

I have a few questions about it, or rather, how I should go about getting it. Of the two costs (80,000 whispered hints, or 50 bazaar permits), which should I go for? The bazaar permits, speaking in raw material, is the cheaper option, however, I do have 23K whispered hints saved up (from prior grinding with the goal of the premises).

Even assuming I switch and go for the bazaar permits option, which WAY of getting them would be best? I’m unlikely to steal them: shadowy is my worst quality. Grinding for honey in the unfinished business in veilgardens would be my go-to, but should I save favors, upconvert them all the way to touching love stories, and permits from there? Or just do the basic price that’s at the sidestreets?

Sorry about all this, normally I don’t sweat the small details, but this is going to be an even larger undertaking than the yacht, and I don’t want to do it in a way that creates even more work for me.

The method I used was gaining Dramatic Tension by Searching for a Missing Woman At Wilmont’s End and trading it in via a Rival in Power at the Treasures of War option. Took me a week.

My chosen method to acquire Permits for this purpose was heists.

I’m the same as you, Shadowy is my worst stat - back then it was even far below 100 and I became a PoSI with a bunch of items - so thefts didn’t work very well for me. Now, I don’t know how efficient it is in term of numbers, but my strategy was do Well-Planned Villainy twice then get three Inside Information with the surplus Casing before starting each heist. Forgot how long it took me, though. While I mainly ground permits I also got distracted by other things in between lol

Heists also give MW, which I really appreciated since I also needed Notability for the upgrade at the Wicket. It’s also fun, which is completely subjective, but I know I would’ve been frustrated if I had to grind hints or honey.

After a few thefts of particular characters (using leftover casing from something else), I decided to take a more indepth view of thefts vs nostalgia grinding, and which one would be more efficient. (particularly with my capabilities)

I already typed this out, but the page didn’t save it. Ah well.

Honey first, since it’s straightforward. With my persuasive, I cannot fail the “doing the decent thing.” We’ll ignore the rare success, and just say it’s 50 drops per action, for the sake of simplicity. Short version: 30 actions grinding drops, + 3 bulk conversions of drops into romantic notions, + 2 small conversions of RM into visions of the surface, +2 converting these into the permits itself = 37 actions for 2 bazaar permits, and random items that are profit. That would be 18.5 actions for one permit. Note that it would become more efficient if you were grinding enough to be able to use the bulk RM into VotS option.

For thefts, we’ll ignore the other casing, and just focus on the amount of casing reduced by performing the theft itself. The wiki states it is 32 on success, and 51 on failure. My shadowy is terrible for where I am in the game, and I do not have a gang of hoodlums. But I’ll do the math for the hoodlums too, while I’m at it. Let’s start with it, in fact, to get it out of the way. Assuming success, it gives 18 cp of casing for 5 actions. If you succeeded the theft, you only have to do 2 using your GoH (lost 32cp, gained 36). If you failed the theft, you need to use the GoH 3 times (lost 51 cp, gained 54.) Plus the action for the actual theft, that means the GoH is 11 actions per permit on theft success, and 16 on failure. Unfortunately, this also assumes you can ensure GoH succeeds, which, well.

For non GoH options, there’s two main options: well-planned villainy, and formulate a plan (or "the decoy, but not much difference). Interestingly, WPV and formulate have the same ratio of actions to casing (1 to 3), the biggest difference being the number of actions (5 and 3 respectively), and that WPV cannot fail (but also doesn’t give any cp for a stat.) Using WPV as much as possible (in order to have less of a chance to fail), success on a theft means you need to regain 32 cp. 1 WPV and 2 formulate(don’t abbreviate that, just saying.) gives 33 cp for 11 actions. Failure on the theft means you need 51 cp, and 3 WPV and 1 formulate gives 54 cp for 18 actions. Plus the theft itself means 12 or 19 actions. However, there is absolutely no other profit in thefts, only the permit.

So, disregarding the GoH thefts, we have the nostalgia grind for 18.5 actions per permit (plus profit items), or thefts for either 12 or 19 actions per permit, with a 50% for either number.

For me, I’ll be continuing my grind for nostalgia, both for the certainty it has, and the additional profits. But I can certainly see how thefts would be incredibly nice for someone who has a much higher shadowy stat than mine, and certainly someone who has a better shadowy AND a gang of hoodlums.

My giant wall of text is over, hope you enjoyed. Did I miss anything or mess up something? If so, let me know, please.

One flaw in Chrona’s analysis: exchanging love stories for permits gives 5 permits, not 2: http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/A_rare_business This seems to imply that the PPA (permit per action) rate is better than initially suggested.

It also bears mentioning that there is a third option everyone here is overlooking: grinding permits in Polythreme using the &quotFascinating…&quot cycle there.
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Deadulus_Falk, Love stories for permits is a viable option, of course, however, it costs two bohemian favors per 5 permits. For the love story method, you essentially need the same things, but in larger amounts. 4000 drops of honey becomes 150 visions of the surface. 150 visions becomes 30 stories. those 30 become 5 permits, with 5 extra. 80+8+7+3+3 = 101 actions for 5 permits. Divide 101 by 5 gives us 20.2 actions…not counting the actions needed for the favors. Overall, not worth it in my opinion. Especially since I have better uses for 2 favors.

Edit; I’m silly, it costs 98 actions. But, I was also silly again, and it costs 4 favors.

I can’t go to polythreme yet, and from what others have said, you need stuff like 5 card lodgings, 200 persuasive, and high shadowy, none of which I have, let alone the screaming map. I can’t do it, so I’m not even considering it.
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I’ll add that for me it was faster to use 50-pence carousel for Visions of the Surface rather than collecting Honey.

That’s fair, I mean, if you already have around 500 tier 3 items, why not just use them on this project? Unless you mean doing it over and over until you got 500?

But either way, the real trouble with this method is the romantic notions: it’s the bulk of the price, really.

And also, and update, I’m finally finished my grinding, converted all the honey to RM, and started on making them into permits! So close to the finish.