A Lack of Interesting Fate-Locked Content.

I’m planning on doing the Waltz That Moved the World and Art of Murder soon, but other than that I’m finding myself with nothing to use my fate on. I’ve heard that Flute Street is good, but I have no idea where to find it. I’m a POSI, and I’ve done the Soul Trade, Flint, The Gift, Trade In Faces, and became Jack. What else is there?

If you’re doing exceptional stories, Lost in Reflections has been my favorite so far.

You need to finish the University storyline to find Flute Street. [li]

Exceptional Stories are a great source of stories. Many of the ones you didn’t mention only unlock as you complete more non-Fate content, so make sure to continue progressing all the free content.

Breeding monsters at the labyrinth is fun and profitable, and gets you some cool pets.

I quite enjoyed the Blemmigan Affair myself (and its very valuable card addition) but it’s not the best content out there.

I’m going to put in my first 100 Fate, and I’ll be choosing Flute Street and Theological Husbandry at the least, as I’ve heard those are lots of fun (and repeatable).

Flint should only be replayable by…paying the fate cost again, iirc. Idk about Husbandry. Haven’t gotten there yet

I found Cut With Moonlight to be an enjoyable ES with a fair bit of new lore on mirrorcatch boxes. The latest ES Five Minutes to Midday was satisfying too, though it might not be for everyone.

Some story-related content you should shoot for would be Theological Husbandry, Flute Street, and The Temple of Uttermost Wind. You’ll get a nice chunk of lore and story with each of those, and the Husbandry story is probably the most profitable of those.

If you’re looking for echoes, Bazaar Tears, Eyeless Skulls, and other valuable items, then the Gallery of Serpents is your best bet. There’s a little bit of a story that comes with it, but the high-value rewards ranging in worth from 125 echoes to 625 echoes are its main appeal.

Flint should only be replayable by…paying the fate cost again, iirc. Idk about Husbandry. Haven’t gotten there yet[/quote]

She’s talking about Flute Street, not Flint. Flute Street is definitely repeatable content, save for that part in the beginning where you track down your guide.

Husbandry is also replayable, at least the part where you breed new beasts. If you sell the beasts, you can breed them again. The beasts also add useful new cards to your deck.

For varying definitions of useful. They’re not incredible late-game but cards allowing, among things, easily raising SotC up to 10 are quite helpful at times.

Whoops, I misread big time

Finished Art of Murder and the Waltz That Moved the World, then did the Heart’s Blood extra story… Very profitable…

Considering you don’t have a spouse (while I am happily married), you may want to consider the Foreign Office continuation (but again, that’s post-Court if you’re holding on to that).
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