A Handsome Lad with a Healthy Appitite?

So, on the wiki there is a page for a Companion called The Handsome Lad with a Healthy Appitite. It’s a retired item, that gave +1 Scandal (or ten percent more scandal now, I guess) and the description implies that it is somehow related to Knife and Candle. It also has the SMEN tag, as you might expect. The problem lies in the fact that it has no sources or uses. No uses is understandable, but the no sources puzzles me. K&C was before I started playing, so I was wondering if any older players could shed light on this. Was it a K&C reward that only seekers could get? How is it even on the wiki if no one knows how to get it? I know it wasn’t a developer item, because those mention that fact in the wiki description.

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According to this random post from 2015 I found by googling it, I was a candle , it was “only obtainable through Twitter interaction with Mr. Eaten or by stealing it from someone else who got one.”

According to the old wiki at Companions (Pets) - Echo Bazaar (wiki noted as “stopped being maintained in 2015”), it’s described as " Obtained as a gift from Mr Eaten.Very few known in existence, which can only be stolen in K&C."

So that about sums it up. It seems there wasn’t an in-game action to take to get it, just if the devs (probably Alexis Kennedy) noticed you interacting with the Mr Eaten twitter account in a way they/he thought was cool you’d get one; and you could steal one from somebody who had them in Knife and Candle.

Note that even in 2015, it was described as “certainly [hasn’t] been obtainable for a long, long time”, so they probably stopped being given out about 10 years ago.


Thank you! Frankly I can’t believe that I forgot to check I was a Candle. But that’s pretty cool!

what is the SMEN tag?

SMEN = Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name