A grinding conundrum

I’m in the process of saving up for an Overgoat. Torturous work, but I’m more than half there at least. My favored grind is to gently terrorize the silk-weavers of Spite and gradually trade up to damask - I know there are more effective grinds, but I’ve come to hate zee-travel because of the time it takes and the way that every time I settle down in Hunter’s Keep or Polythreme to make a little money, inevitably there is something I want to go back to London for. So I’m limiting myself to what’s available in London and this is my favorite. (The Marred Mercer is a good friend of mine by now.)

Recently I paid for a month of Exceptional Friendship, and I was planning to use the extra actions to extort twice as much silk in a day - but then I remembered it also granted access to the House of Chimes, and more specifically my previous favorite grind of Heart’s Hazard.

Now I’m a bit torn as to which I should go with. Heart’s Hazard is decent odds with a good payoff, and faster, but I like the rag trade and it has a guaranteed minimum payout, with occasional lovely bonuses. And of course, I can grind silk anytime but I’ve only got access to Heart’s Hazard this month… What’s the better grind? I need about 4000 Echoes yet.

I would say go for Heart’s Hazard this month, and back to the silk trade once you are no longer Exceptional. A change is as good as a rest, so they say!

(Of course, I’m nowhere near that stage myself, so feel free to take a pinch of salt with this advice!)

Avatar, your cat face is freaky.

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I wonder what it would be like to have both the Cheshire Cat and the Starveling Cat paying a visit?

(Also, thanks Lyssie - you reminded me that I had wanted House of Chimes access this month.)

I have no idea what Heart’s Hazard is, but it’ll only be available to you for a month, and it has the word “Hazard” in it. So go for it, and explore that story fully. The Overgoat can wait.

Heh, Heart’s Hazard isn’t anything too juicy - it’s just a dice game that’s only available to Exceptional Friends who are also Persons of Some Importance. No significant story attached, just a reasonably good gamble for amber stakes.

I suppose, all else being more or less equal, I’ll just do whatever strikes me as more fun at the moment. The Overgoat can indeed wait a little longer if it turns out I’ve taken a slower path.
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If you’re really just looking a grinding options in London, then might I suggest taking a look here: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic804-an-indepth-look-at-money-options.aspx

I personally can’t recommend Hunter’s Keep enough, if for no other reason than it keeps you focused on the Echo making and you aren’t tempted by a slew of cards. I think the Affair of the Box is the most profitable grind in London, but if you’re in the game for the long haul then I recommend Doubt Street because you might want to up those newspaper qualities eventually and you might as well grind for Echoes while you do it.

Many thanks, Nigel!

Hunter’s Keep is almost certainly my best bet, and I do enjoy grinding there. I just hate the zee-travel to get there. ;) Also I’m holding an Overgoat card in my hand and cherishing a faint hope of actually getting my stupid goat so I can use it - I hate to let these cards go, they appear so rarely for me. I’m more or less done with Doubt Street, I think, at least as much as I care to be for now…

Peh, I suppose I’ll just throw dice for amber and sail off to Hunter’s Keep when Mr. Chimes kicks me out.