A Grand Event!

Recently I finished grinding the necessary 10000 organizing a wedding for the final tier of venues. It was only after I had done this that my betrothed and I realized that between the 2 of us we could scarcely invite more than ten people to what we had hoped would be a grand event. PM me with account details if you would like to attend.

You appear to be at a Veilgarden party at the moment, or else I’d have already sent a calling card, but upon your return, feel free to send one to the address in the signature. Bear in mind that you can only invite acquaintances to the wedding.

I am curious, were there any special people that donated copious amounts of rats to your grand wedding? If so, then you are truly blessed; if not, your determination truly is legendary. The Bazaar no doubt will be pleased.

2 people donated 100 rats each. My betrothed contributed about 200. which left the remaining 9800 to me. It took a while. Not that I’m complaining I enjoyed it a lot actually I like to grind.