A Glitch or an Enigma?

OK, so… I just found a very bizarre and unfinished-looking storylet, “Clone: Toolkit” in the Mirror-Marches, locked behind Ambition: Engima. I have no idea what the hell is going on with it. I’m a bit scared to touch anything, since it might break my character or send me to random parts of the Neath.

I know we aren’t supposed to discuss Engima, but I need to know: is this supposed to be here? Is it safe to explore? Is this new? If anyone knows anything about this, please advise: I am sort of freaking out right now.

Like everything else with Enigma, it’s an easter egg. None of the options that might break or teleport characters actually do so. (My guess is that there is a real “Toolkit” storylet somewhere that’s dev-only, and this is a clone of it with any notable effects disabled.)

Good. In that case, should I delete this post for mentioning Enigma?[li]

Good. In that case, should I delete this post for mentioning Enigma?[li][/quote]

No need, we’ll be deleting your character soon for mentioning it. (I think you’re fine)

my own personal theory is that the toolkit is somewhat related to the key of dreams, but this could just be a coincidence due to the location of the storylet and i have no other evidence to say so

[color=#e53e00]Silence will fall.

(Just locking to prevent surmising. No one has misbehaved.)[/color]