A few questions regarding subscription and Fate


I started playing the game 3 days ago. I don’t like the very slow pace the story is played and how most of the missions, including many bronze ones, are repetitive farming that doesn’t advance the story. So I’m considering buying Fate/sub.

Sub costs $7 for a second candle, but it’s pointless since action recharge rate is the same and I’m online for most of the day so I have no use for a second candle. Also, it doesn’t give monthly Fate which makes subbing quite useless aside from the free monthly story. Am I missing something here?

45 Fate costs $10 which is around the same as subscription for games like Final Fantasy XIV or WoW. Since I really like Fallen London (even bought Sunless Sea) I can buy 45 Fate per month. So, my next question is:

Can you list interesting, lore-rich missions I can buy monthly for 45 Fate? You can post them in a descending manner from the most interesting to the least.

Thank you!

Subbing is mostly for the monthly story, though it does mean you can get any annoying grinds out of the way after you sleep. (Also there is a chance for 2 fate every month, but that’s incidental)

Stories for fate:

  1. Lost in Reflections
  2. The gift
    3: Secrets framed in Gold
    4: The Waltz that moved the world
    5: A trade in faces (Though this one is slow paced)
    6: Art of Murder
    7: The pentecost Predicament
    If you are willing to save some fate: Flint, which is about the size of an ambition, but costs over 100.

Ones I left off the list (AKA not my favorite, but important lore)

The last dog society
A trade in souls
Flute Street
Foreign office (Fate locked section)
Labyrinth of tigers (Fate locked section)
A temple of utmost wind

Edit: This thread can be useful for more opinions: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic87-fatelocked-content.aspx?Page=97
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If you don’t like the slow pace, this game may not be for you. As a free to play browser game, grinding is built into the system to encourage spending money and generate revenue. Fallen London is also not one single story, but many smaller interconnected stories. Grinding is necessary for most of them. The stories do pick up over time in frequency and uniqueness, but grinding is always present in varying degrees. It took me somewhere over a year to do every free story available. It’s important to note though that the earliest stories tend to be those written earliest, so quality of storytelling and the magnitude of revelations is quite different between those and the more recent stories.
The point of subscribing is threefold: a monthly story, larger action and card storage, and a unique location. The monthly stories change over on the last Thursday of the month, so it’s usually possible to get two stories for one month of subscription. Said stories are also very well-written and contain unusual lore and new revelations. Having more action and card storage means having to check in less often plus twenty more actions when you wake up than without. The special location has a couple unique stories as well as various special things to do.

I assume you refer to the past monthly stories, which are 45 fate each. The thing is, those stories are roughly equivalent to future monthly stories from subscribing. They’re all interesting and lore-rich, though some appeal more widely than others. But they’re also not something I’d describe as missions or equivalent to that sort of subscription - most monthly stories take me around half a day, though that’s with guaranteed success on challenges, and then they’re done. Once those stories are over, you can’t replay them without spending 25 Fate. You’d be better off buying some of the highly-regarded regular Fate stories, many of which permanently unlock content even after the main part of the story is over.

Also just about all Fate stories make more sense in the context of having played further in the free part of the game, and playing further and unlocking things sometimes adds additional options to stories. (For instance, owning a Zubmarine unlocks an option in this month’s story.) Some of the more popular stories can only be purchased after playing through specific free content anyways. I guess my advice would be to subscribe if you want to, but focus on doing free stories and content before spending a lot on all the Fate-locked stories. That way Fate stories will make more sense, and you’ll have a better idea of how much you’d like to spend on the game.
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Thanks A LOT guys. I think I’ll go through some free content first and then get a monthly sub afterwards (OR buy 45 Fate per month).

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