A few questions from a new FL player

Hello everyone

So, I’m new to Fallen London, and while the game is interesting (very much so), I find myself somewhat blocked by having only one acquaintance (the person who introduced me to the game), so I wanted to ask if anyone knew how to get new acquaintances? I imagine it would be awkward to simply open a thread and ask for it, and I don’t know of any in-game methods of getting into contact with people (aside from sending them the Calling Card).

And since I’m a blatant noob, and haven’t looked much into the forums yet, is there any code of conduct aside from the usual &quotDon’t be a dick&quot rules? Is it expected to stay in character, or…?

I’m hoping someone can help me with my predicaments.

Thank you in advance ^^

By staying in character(role playing) you can easily drop off a calling card to someone, I don’t think anyone would really mind getting more acquaintances and people to roleplay with.

And how big of a chance is there for me to get bitten in the butt by doing that? I have noticed the &quotSnub and Acquaintance&quot and &quotPoison an acquaintance&quot options. I’d rather not open myself up to get screwed over.

That still leaves on issue at large. I could just send a calling card to someone, but if I am to stay in character I’d have to have a reason beyond &quotYour name popped up when I clicked ‘add random’&quot.

You’re free to be as in or out of character as you feel comfortable with. Though if your character is a bit prickly you may want to send an OOC invite first, or at least preface it with a note so they know you’re just RPing.

I imagine my character headstrong, so probably not prickly or annoying… I hope. Thanks for the reply, though :)

I’ve received calling cards before and deemed them “part of business” to keep it IC. But outside of that just message people or message others here if you want to roleplay. Never know what could happen and it couldn’t hurt to simply ask.

Check the recent echoes in your current location. Those will give you an RP reason for running into someone, and something to talk about.

I’m not exactly sure how to check my &quotRecent Echoes&quot …haven’t found anything in the game itself.

There should be a box in the upper right corner that says “Who else is here”. You can echo things to your mantelpiece journal if you’re playing the browser game, which you can see if you go to your profile page through the Myself tab.

I’ve gotten plenty of messages from people simply saying “Hey, I like your journals can I send you a calling card?” so don’t feel like you HAVE to RP or have an in-story reason for contacting someone. Just being polite and friendly will usually do the trick :)

I receive messages from people that write no text, and I don’t mind acquaintances that are in it just for the mutual profit, no rp involved. Heck, when I was new in game, I also had only one contact, and we just dropped a bunch of interactions in each other, all of them ooc.

As many people said above, in doubt, just send a social interaction with a little ooc note explaining your intentions (rp, profit, menace-reduction symbiosis or whatever) and any sane player will answer back politely.