A Few Questions about Modding

Hello again,

I’ve been taking a break from FL/SS for a few months. Many awesome changes over that time, thanks once again for the good work, Failbetter!
But let’s cut straight to the point(s):

[ul][li]If I want to change, for example, the &quotSomethingAwaitsYouPeriod&quot from 60 to 30 seconds, do I have to do that in &quotnavigationconstants.json&quot and &quotnavigationconstants_import.json&quot both, or would one of those files suffice? What exactly is the difference between the two anyway?[/li][/ul][ul][li]&quotSomethingAwaitsYouPeriod&quot is easy enough to find. But let’s say I want to change the price of a specific item. In my case, I want to make Dreadful Surmises buyable and sellable at Red Stallion Publishing in Khan’s Heart (they show up there but neither buying nor selling is possible). I thought about a 10,000 Echoes buying and 5,000 Echoes selling price. How exactly would I go about doing that? A detailed example, that could then be applied to other items, would be much appreciated here!
[/li][/ul]FYI, I have very little programming experience beyond basic HTML, so your explanations need to be simple and clear… ;)

Sorry if some or all of this has already been answered elsewhere!

You can delete the import.json and it won’t impact your game in anyway, so just stick to editing the non-import one.