A Dislodging Question about City Vices

I remembered moving out to a Third City Sub-temple before I went on a hiatus a year ago because a certain Artist’s Model kept badgering me with her love life.

Anyways, I’m starting to miss the interesting guests at the Royal Bethlehem and that nice Manager. I also hope that I can get a Suite soon.

So I ask, is it worth going back to a four card lodging (or possibly a five card lodging) even with the annoying City Vices cards that they bring?

That all depends on whether you want to make use of some of the City Vices.

There are 7 City Vice cards. Orthographic Infection can be removed if you eliminate all your Nightmares. A Plea From an Old Friend (the Artist’s Model) can be removed if you start courting her (i.e. the very first step to get the storylet in the Sidestreets and then leave it there). A Rather Decadent Evening can be removed if you tank your Bohemian Connections (or you might want to play it for Making Waves; it’s a wash from an Echo standpoint).

The Sardonic Music-Hall Singer cards are profitable if you play them off each other, so you may want to use those anyway.

That leaves the Tournament of Weasels and the Struggling Artist. If you’ve already seduced the Artist, you can’t get rid of him, and there’s no method of eliminating the Weasels, though it is at least an Unusual Card.

So, if you switch to a five-card lodging, and you are willing to use the Singer and the Bohemians (or eliminate their connection), you add two useless cards to your deck while gaining two spaces in which to store unwanted cards. That’s a slight advantage since the Weasels are Unusual, but it also makes for better Nadir trips (and other specific areas that haven’t been switched to the new Zee model yet). If you don’t like the Singer or the Bohemians (but don’t want to tank their connection), a Remote Address will serve you better in London.

ETA: The above analysis assumes your goal is improving the overall profitability of your deck. If you want to draw specific cards (e.g. A Presumptuous Opportunity) as often as possible, then a Remote Address is pretty much always better.
edited by Kaigen on 10/30/2015

Thanks for the analysis Dr. Kaigen. It’s probably better to stay in the sub temple most of the time.

Perhaps I’ll just go for the four and five-card lodgings for areas with their own specific decks like the Nadir.

Be aware, however, that moving lodgings now costs actions

Don’t forget that areas like Zee and the Nadir are in the process of being changed to have a fixed hand size for all players.

Aw… I hope they don’t enact that change or at least give the 5 star lodgings with another advantage like better grind cards (5 certifiable scraps?).

I don’t recall them saying it would apply to the Nadir. It might, we’ll have to see, but Heists are definitely being converted to have an infinite card deck.