A discordant missive

At the present moment i do not require a discordant missive.
Should i somehow receive such a missive, i can guarantee i will not respond with a discordant missive of my own.

My profile is Fallen London

I can send you one now but I can’t do this later

Go ahead and send it

I’ll be able to receive it in just a few minutes

Send calling card, accept and I’m sending right away. (Write as I mean this time because it’s hard to read sense behind featherlight roleplay)

The non-existant missive has been received. i am very grateful. Should someone else need the same non-favour, i will pass along this kindness.

I don’t need the same non-favour, cause I don’t look for featherlight secrets

I underhat, would never require any kind of missive, especially not one that could not exist. There would certainly be no appreciation for such a thing, should it exist.

I certainly do not and will not ever require any kind of missive, especially one that does not exist. If I, Zarmoth, were to receive any such missives, I certainly wouldn’t be open to repaying such favour, in kind or otherwise. Tea and biscuits are not an option.

Greetings @zarmoth . I too have no need of such a missive, nor would I be amenable to an exchange. Please accept my calling card, so that such an exchange could not happen in the future.

You may view my profile here:


I would happily accept your calling card, however your message found me in the middle of a trip to Port Cecil. I have returned since, and shall await further contact in my lodgings.