A Defalt Branch

If there any way to set a branch to only go off when no other branch is available?

For instance, I have a knife that can be ‘used’. When you can use the knife there is a branch that corresponds to that given storylet or area. However, you can technically ‘use’ the knife at any time once you acquire it. Right now, when you go in … if there is no applicable branch you can just click the &quotperhaps not&quot button. Which is fine, but I think it would be better if there was an alternative to that.


I don’t think there’s a &quotpress this button and it happens&quot way.

If I understand correctly, it sounds like you have an item-use storylet for your knife that based on location shows the appropriate branch to use it there. I’m also guessing you have location qualities that trigger these since you can’t base branch visibility on location.

If the knife is not useable everywhere, you might want to make a quality &quotKnife-use&quot as a circumstance and set it to 1 when the player enters an area that the knife is actually useable (and of course 0 when they leave). Then whenever you try to use the knife somewhere else, you see a branch that only displays at Knife-use 0 saying &quotYou admire your knife, but there’s not much use for it here&quot or something.

I do this all the time with &quotindoor/outdoor&quot type qualities to regulate what cards show up where.

Does that make sense, or have I totally missed the point of what you’re doing?[li]
edited by HanonO on 9/2/2013

Totally on the nose. Thanks for the input.