A deep misfortune

Lately I have in my excursions found the time to pay tribute to the tigers for a particular endeavor. While collecting said tribute through my work attempting to gain the position of Artist In Residence at the Shuttered Palace, I happened upon a particular bookstore with very useful books lining its shelves. I thought to store this knowledge away for future use, given my abilities are all quite extraordinary enough for the typical encounter in London.

To my surprise that very same day I spotted some cards in the gutter that seem of equally remarkable use. I thanked the RNG for my good fortune and scurried on my business.

Unfortunately by now I have collected all necessary tribute, and my voyage is nigh, which will unfortunately necessitate my loss of both of these boons. I am beside myself, and would prefer to gain some use of these boons before my travel, but I know not on what I might spend them.

Don’t worry - you don’t lose cards when you go zailing. The cards will await your return.