A Crushing Conflict Spanning Lifetimes

I’ve decided that I will attempt to gain all the legacy items within as few captain lifetimes as possible.
So here’s the big question to determine my calculations:

What happens if you raise Supremacy: The Anarchists and Supremacy: The Dawn Machine to 7 (or more) at the same time? Or what happens when both are 7 when you visit London?

Smaller question: Can you receive the Boke of Sharps when you deliver the Monkey Empresses Wrath to London?

I think once the Dawn Machine takes over, the Anarchists can no longer be used and vice-versa. One takes over the other.

As for the Boke of Sharps, you either need to strike a blow for freedom with the Anarchists via Vienna or use the Disillusioned Doctor with the Aestival Colony. The only thing you’ll get from the Wrath is London collapsing and you need to flee east in the airship. Which nets you a Travelling Light.
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It’s definitely possible to get all the legacy items with two captains. If you don’t count the new item from Zubmariner, it might be possible to get them all with one captain. It depends if there’s some way to lower Anarchist or Dawn Machine supremacy (other than reporting the anarchist in Vienna) and which supremacy event takes priority.

-The Boke of Sharps from raising Supremacy: Anarchists
-The Horizon Codex from raising Supremacy: Dawn Machine
-A Manual of Miracles from completing the Salt-Lions story without choosing a past
-A Dream of Red from a certain ending to the Hunters’ Keep or Station III story
-A Travelling Light from going East in the zeppelin
-An Adumbration of Her Heart from the abyssal rituals in Zubmariner

Be careful: if you “deliver the box for the Monkey Emperor” to Fallen London, the port becomes permanently unavailable.

Raising anarchist supremecy to seven and/or raising dawn machine supremecy to seven only removes the admiral from Fallen London, so first do that and afterwards… deliver the box and finally steal the zeppelin (but don’t forget to gain salt’s attention and storm’s attention as I did :D ) ;)
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Related but OT: all of the Legacies, including Lady Black’s, are still removed on going EAST, right?

You are talking about the “Carnelian Exile” story? No… you keep the Legacies (recently done, so I am sure).

I can confirm this as well. You lose everything but your legacies. So your Scion, your money, your stats. All gone. Except for Hearts, if you choose your next inheritor to retain them.


If Supremacy: The Anarchists and Supremacy: The Dawn Machine are both the same number 7+, Anarchists win the tie-breaker,

Did you test it many times to see if it wasn’t just random?

Tried 5 times in a row, Anarchists won every time. If someone else wants to test it more, be my guest.