A Criminal Record

So it turns out that if you get sent to New-Newgate, there’s a new storylet involving &quotGetting a Criminal Record.&quot Does anybody know if this leads to/unlocks anything interesting, yet?[li]

EDIT: The courtroom storylet is hilarious, by the way, but it seems like it’s missing an option involving being connected with the Constables enough to have them flub the trial. It would certainly be a good way to employ a kind of contact that doesn’t tend to get a lot of love.
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Having a high Criminal Record makes Instant Ablution Solution less effective, judging by a note that’s appeared on it lately. Besides that? Who knows!

Well, with 314 connected with the Constables, I should jolly well expect they’d do me a favor or two!

So, there’s actually a trial now? Good to see you’re not just packed off to prison based on suspicion. Looks like some reforms are in the works. Anything that looks like it can clear away your Criminal Record?

If I know the others on this forum, London is about to experience a rather large crime spree from people testing everything out.
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I thought the Ablution Solution was always a bit of a waste. 1 echo/cp or something like that? Seems like it’s worth testing again.

Update: The Ablution Absolution no longer sucks. Now removes at least 3cp of Suspicion/use.

Sounds like good news. I still have the 12 bottles I got from a code. But now that flattering a PoSI at Dante’s remove 10 CP of Suspicion I’ve got that menace covered.