A court writer who does not yet wish trouble

Okay, so, I love to write, and I wanted to get a copy of every work I could. But now my Carving out a Reputation at court is 4, and the Veteran Privy Counsellor has invited me to his offices. I fear this may mean I may no longer accomplish my goal of writing all the things I wished to. Though I have heard it may lead to more lucrative opportunities, I will miss my writing role and as a Salon owner the easy ways of getting Bohemian and society reputation would be sorely missed for harder options.

My questions are simple: if I take the Called To The Office option, will it forever lock out my work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of staying at court vs the other option? the other option interests me from a experiencing story perspective, but I love to write in this game and the usefulness of the court is not lost on me.

You can refuse the Privy Veteran to take another circuit on the writing train. As far as I know, you can do this indefinitely. His offer will always stand for you to take it when you’re ready.

At the moment once you have done what he wants you are banished from Court. That does open up another area but, to be honest, I rarely go there and sometimes wish I could go back to Court. So, for my alts, I haven’t done what he wants and probably won’t until the next stage of the story is released and I can regain entry to the Court.

Just curious, what are the advantages of staying at court vs going to the new place? As a new Salon owner I am loath to lose the shuttered palaces easy Bohemian and Society connections, but if the advantage is interesting enough I may consider it.

Also, I have written the Novels and Poetry, and have the 6 books to show for it. However when writing a play I have nothing but moon pearls to show for it. Am I missing something or have I gotten all the published works? And if so is it safe for a writer to move on?

Also, what use are the books, save for say I am a experienced writer of the Neath?

Keep in mind that banishment from the Court is not banishment from the Shuttered Palace. You can still travel to the latter even after you’ve been kicked out of the Empress’ Court, and the only thing I really consider valuable in the Court is Life of the Mind storylet, which provides a simple way to get 1 CP of Making Waves per action. You’ll definitely want to do all 6 works (there are indeed only 6) before leaving (I regret not doing that), but if you won’t miss the MW option there really isn’t anything left there for you. Though apart from new content there isn’t very much for you in the Foreign Office either, so there’s no harm in putting off your exile until the Foreign Office becomes an important place.

The souvenirs of your works can be used to impress God’s Editors (you won’t lose your book), make a Zubmarine (you won’t lose your book), and be given as a present to Pages-Sacks (you will lose your book).

edited by Sara Hysaro on 12/1/2014

So, I did it. I got Banished and returned from the colonies.

…And now I’m not sure how to get to the new area. I see no option anywhere.

I believe it is located in Wilmot’s End, which you may need to be Shadowy to find. Or Watchful?

There’s a card that turns up to give you access to after you’ve banished yourself to gain access to Wilmot’s End, but you can force it in your Lodgings by talking to one of your neighbors (under Find New Stories). After you’ve access to Wilmot’s End it functions like the Empress’ Court, except rather than connections you’ll need 3 Compromising Documents.

I’m dragging my feet about getting banned from the Empress’ Court, although my reasons for staying on have dwindled to just the one, i.e. the ability to raise MW easily.

The thing is, I’m very unclear about the purpose of going to the Foreign Office. Given that I don’t wish to find a new spouse, is there another reason why I should go there? I do feel some mild curiosity about it, but that’s all. I’ve somehow acquired the impression that it’s considered something of a dead end.

So I’m hoping someone will shake up my ideas, and fill me with motivation and curiosity. Ha ha.

So far as I can tell, the Foreign Office is the gateway to the Elder Continent, and that gateway isn’t open yet. It’ll one day be a prerequisite but for now it’s just an intake of breath. There are Home Comforts in addition to Spouses, which aren’t exceptional but are kind of neat.

Home Comforts, eh? That sounds like a good enough reason to go there. Thank you.

The lore is pretty good. Monsters, Masters, the elite of London, plots and schemes.

Ooh, that sounds really exciting. I’ll compose an opera before the week is out!

thanks. nice to know. is the elder continent somewhere i can zail to? i won’t mind having more places to zail to.

currently , i would still want to keep access to the court because it’s a good source of candles and a way to increase connected to church. i could increase church by creating hounds of heaven in tiger’s labyrinth, but that’s a lot more tedious.

thanks. nice to know. is the elder continent somewhere i can zail to? i won’t mind having more places to zail to. [/quote]
The Elder Continent is not open yet. The game is still developing and growing. I think it will probably will be somewhere you can zail to, in future. But maybe there’ll be some other bizarre mode of transport!

Isn’t Port Carnelian one of the locked options on the Across the Southern Archipelago card? Or am I confused

Wiki says yes. You’re not confused. :) It definitely will be a zee journey. Thanks.