A connoisseur's bargain?

I was just wondering what this one gives you.

Just about up to 1K souls after a theft from the Embassy and work in Ladybones Road.

Gives you Brilliant Souls, though I don’t recall how many of them exactly…

With all the shuffling that’s going on at the moment, it could well have changed. What I do know is that it used to give 20 Brilliant Souls. Maybe it still does.
However, as 1,000 souls can be converted into 200 Amanita Sherry, which can in turn be turned into 40 Brilliant Souls, that may not be the best use of souls. But as I said - it may have been changed for this very reason.

I’m kind of thinking they haven’t updated it yet. I might risk it in the future, but I’m going to hold off for now.

many thanks for the help.

I checked it with the update before this one and can confirm that at that time it was still 20 Brilliant Souls, however, I can’t say if that changed with this latest update.

It’s been two years. Is this still the case? I’d hate to lose so much progress on chance.
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It gives 40 Brilliant Souls and some connected Hell

In case anyone is googling this in 2022, the option now gives 45 Brillant Souls.

I believe we have to use holy water and cross to put this undead thread back to it’s grave.

And I thought it was another bot advertising X and Y in the Neath. :D