A comment on the new inventory

First of all, sorry if there’s around another thread on the recent changes in the Myself page but I couldn’t find any.

Thus I post it here: I like the new layout very much, it’s much cleaner and leaner. However, I may suggest, regarding the Curiosities section, to change the order as it was in the previos version, that is to have all the usable (green) items first, then the others. Especially considering that the border is now thinner and less visible.

I second that, I really enjoy new inventory except for the fact that I get horribly confused every time I look at the Curiosity section. And I can’t seem to figure out how the sorting works for this one. Not that I knew how it worked before, but at least I remembered where everything was.

Third, and, in particular, it would be awesome to have the keys of the various lodgings, if possible, in a separate section, considering that - as far as i understood - there may be 4 new lodgings, for a total of 6 + 3 + 4 = 13 keyes for the property-hungry.[li]

P.S. &quotthird&quot means also &quotthanks for the new layout. it is awesome, clean and a lor more manageable&quot
edited by Mizr. Edlaine Saphburgh on 12/13/2013

There’s definitely some order in there. Ambition items, K&C items, tonics, Exceptional Rose gifts, courtly works, jewels, keys, POSI components, connection items, research notes and publications… some things are out of order, but there’s at least patterns emerging, like life forming in the the crags of a rock.

Edit: I should reiterate that I love the sleek new design! Particularly having my legion of pets and outfits all tucked in nicely beside their respective equipment slots.
edited by Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook on 12/13/2013

Overall a drastic improvement. Personally I wish items were listed in conversion order, just so I didn’t have to constantly refer to this chart: Item Conversions - Echo Bazaar

[color=#009900]The weird ordering was a last-minute bug, folks. We’ll be tidying it up in the next patch.[/color][li]

New speed is awesome! If you’re tweaking things, could you move Ray-drenched cinders and Tears of the Bazaar a little to the right so their placement makes more sense considering price and tier?

Oh yes, I’ve been thinking about how convenient that would be. No more hunting around for where those batches of tier 3 items went to when I need to convert them into the next tier 3 item along the way.

It would be awesome, but considering that stories of horror and journals of infamy are both mysteries, i am not sure whether it is feasible (unless, as in the link you gave, we make them appear 2 times in the inventory)

Maybe just add something to the tooltip? “Create this by using other Nostalgia items in your inventory, or by using Correspondence Plaques”

So if there’s a particular item you want you’ll still need to go through the chain looking at mouse-over text, but you don’t need to consult a wiki or click on half the tier 3 items in your inventory to follow the chain forward.

I applaude the changes to our inventories, and fell that overall few things could be tweaked as of now.

Oh, right. Forgot about that. Blaming irrigo. And having the mysteries appear twice seems like it could lead to some serious confusion.

If you look at the code, it looks like Curiosity items are likely in database order, which usually correlates strongly with when these items were first added. In other words, right now, we’re getting a neat view of the evolution/history of items in Fallen London (or Echo Bazaar, to keep with the history theme).


Ahem. I’m terribly sorry.

I definitely love the tidier layout, but I wish the icons weren’t quite so small. Since each inventory section appears to be separate, I don’t see why they can’t be just a bit bigger. Yes, it would make the page longer, but I’d rather be able to look at my collection without squinting :)

Looking forward to the fix for the curiosities section.

What delights me is that Fidgeting Writer storylets now have a “try this again” option. I kept getting irritated and put off by having to click back into my inventory forty times when I wanted to grind that storylet.

The reworking of the inventory and the page loading is brilliant. Thanks!