A collection of scorched notes: The Correspondence

Greetings, delicious friends!
For a sort of personal, er, &quotproject&quot of mine, I’m making a comprehensive list of known definitions of Correspondence signs. That is, the definitions of as many Correspondence sigils as possible combined into a handy little list.
Of course, this is a nearly insurmountable task for me, what with me being relatively new, and the amount of given definitions presumably numbering in the dozens, if not hundreds. So, I came up with the brilliant idea of enlisting you, fellow Londoners.

I’ll keep personal records, and I’ll also maintain a list on this page here, I’ve already got a handful, but it’s not much. I prefer suggestions to be quoted as directly as possible from Fallen London. (Also, can someone tell me how to make a spoiler so I can put this list in a little openable folder instead of having it clog up the page?)

List: [spoiler]

  • The absence of breath[/li][li]The absorption of a royal house[/li][li]The act of drowning your sister to be with the man she loves although you do not share that love[/li][li]The act of kidnapping a new friend[/li][li]An airless flight[/li][li]Bad-tempered gas[/li][li]A day that lasts then thousand years[/li][li]Death by water[/li][li]A decomposing deity[/li][li]An emotion somewhere between love and academic excitement[/li][li]To eternally circle the object of your affection[/li][li]An exchange that is both monstrous and scrupulously honest[/li][li]A fortuitous occassion for the revision of plans of murder[/li][li]A future consumed and forgotten[/li][li]A generous gift of murder[/li][li]A gift to remind a woman of something best forgotten[/li][li]A great maw to dispose of the unwary[/li][li]A/The hateful priest, whose lust killed thousands[/li][li]Hurtling forever towards the earth[/li][li]Innocent garbed as experience[/li][li]An interval of between a thousand and ten thousand years[/li][li]Lost in a night which never sees starlight (How poetic)[/li][li]The mounting excitement when one’s beloved reaches the closest point of his orbit[/li][li]A path unmarred by obstacles[/li][li]A place deep underneath to hide sins and secrets[/li][li]A process that can only take place behind a mirror, by which stone becomes wood and woode becomes stone, in which petrification and lignification are opposed but complimentary and dynamic forces[/li][li]Revenge in the sense of a cataclysmic collision[/li][li]A request to never repeat a recent unpleasant experience[/li][li]A sentiment that is chiefly curiosity but is experienced as infatuation[/li][li]A span of time greater than four million years[/li][li]A trade involving a labyrinth[/li][li]A thing which is empty, whose purpose is to be filled[/li][li]A willing sacrifice

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I am unsure whether this helps your cause, but you are not the first one to attempt this.


This is a fairly large list of in-game Correspondence, sadly, without citations. Make of it whatever you may.

P.S. you make a spoiler by typing out [spoiler7]SPOILERS GO HERE[/spoiler7], but without the Number.
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Thank you very much, Vavakx. The list is shorter than I would have hoped,but at least it means I have work to do. Bring me paper! No, not paper! Bring me lead! Lead and a chisel!

I doubt that list is full, either. At the very least, it is missing the recent ES glyph for siding with the Fisher-Kings.
Edit: I’ll just note down my endless suggestions to the small list here.

And ‘to eternally circle the object of your affection’.

[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]‘illustrious culpability’ along with [/color][color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]‘A thing which is empty, whose purpose is to be filled.’[/color]
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Yeah, could somebody update it or make a new list using that old one? It’s great, but it’s missing quite a few by now.[li]

‘A request to never repeat a recent unpleasant experience’ – http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Peter~James?fromEchoId=8874764

From Fate-locked content regarding the Wry Functionary:

&quotFrom this house&quot and &quotPayment made in full&quot.
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