A Coffee at Caligula's

I find this storylet a bit confusing - What tends to give you the higher amount of Making Waves, being more Peruasive than your friend, or less Persuasive than him? Should I nerf the stat or boost it?[li][/li][li]
edited by Voodoo Master on 12/3/2013

If it truly is the ‘private supper’, then isn’t it random who ends up being the lucky one?

But on the subject of nerfing or boosting stats, when does the game check for stats? When the invitation is sent? When it is accepted? The sender’s stats when the invitation is sent, and the recipient’s stats when accepting? Has anyone tried to test this?

I don’t know, I always assumed it has something to do with your Persuasive. When it was Private Supper, I can almost guarantee it had something to do with your Persuasive, because when I had about 60 Persuasive more than my friend, I always got the ‘how lucky they are’ option.

Oh, and I think the game checks for the stats only when it is accepted. But I might be wrong.[li]
edited by Voodoo Master on 12/3/2013