A clue in a symphony [SPOILERS]

In the Empress’s Court in Fallen London, you can make works such as ballets, poems and symphonies. I finished a symphony that was written in the correspondence, and there was a sentence at the end that intrigued me.

&quot[…]You are soundly beaten by the mob, but you notice the Empress before all goes black. She is tapping her foot happily, and her expression is wistful. As if she recognises the tune.&quot

Was the Empress a scholar of the correspondence? This also relates to Sunless Skies, as the Empress is expanding the British Empire into the High Wilderness. If she knows the correspondence, then does she have any relations with the Judgements? Do those relations factor into the leap to the Great Wilderness? So many questions!

I like your theory. Our Victoria was quite capable of tackling a tome when she wished (particularly when prodded by Albert) and she must have been doing something in the meantime.

Though presumably not at Albert’s prompting. He…doesn’t seem to do much, does he? Being dead must take it out of a man.