A Changelog, Darkly

(Author’s Note: obviously, this isn’t real. I’m not ACTUALLY affiliated with Failbetter Games, Fallen London, etc, nor do I own Fallen London, Sunless Sea, or any of the intellectual property from those works.)

A Changelog, Darkly
Greetings, delicious friends, from Failbetter Games! With the recent success of Sunless Sea and the gush of new players just beginning to experience the world of Fallen London, we feel it’s time to make the best version of FL possible. The following changes are about to be implemented. We hope you enjoy playing them just as much as we’ve enjoyed coding them!

-The Correspondence symbols will shift when you turn away from them. Slowly, over a period of years, they will spell out a certain date in the near future. You will almost certainly not know what this date refers to. That is a good thing.

-Notability system has been tweaked. Men in suits will now follow everyone with a Notability of 8 or higher. This will also happen in the game.

-Menaces will be upgraded for the sake of verisimilitude. Scandal too high? Say goodbye to your friends! Nightmares rising? You might get a visit from a certain Merry Gentleman. Suspicion, of course, has been this way from the beginning: chances are, They already know everything about you. Apologies.

-All player marriages shall be annulled. Do not fall in love in the new Fallen London. Please.

-The Cave of the Nadir content now comes with a complementary scalpel for the removal of unwanted skin growth.

-The plan was to remove the Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name content from the game entirely. This plan has failed. He sleeps in bones of code, you know. Nestled between the ribs of imaginary gods. A reckoning will not, cannot be postponed indefinitely, but all shall be well.

-The Enigma Ambition was you. The entire time, it was just you. And you know what? That’s okay. We’re all sort of enigmas, aren’t we? To ourselves and to one another. Living mysteries. Wonders. And we all try to solve each other, endlessly. What if the solution is just to admire? To respect that lovely, twisting mystery of the other? Perhaps there will be a time where we can do that. Perhaps.

-Updated character portraits.

edited by AgentS7 on 6/29/2015
edited by AgentS7 on 6/29/2015

Hoh! I got a thoroughly good chuckle out of this, and the Enigma section was actually rather heartwarming.

You wouldn’t happen to be a Welcome to Night Vale fan, would you?

@Tanah-Chook: Thanks, I really appreciate it! It was a lot of fun to write.

@Criptix23: Yeahhh, a bit. XD I love how Night Vale plays with podcast format and the fourth wall, and I especially admire the deft way it shifts between comedy, horror, and unexpected joy.

@AgentS7: It shows, and that’s not at all a bad thing. xD Your writing reminded me of some of the WtNV tweets, with the sort of slantwise view on reality that’s simultaneously funny and horrifying. (Also reminded me of the ‘Gothic’ meme that floated around tumblr for a couple of weeks.) I’m not a good enough lateral thinker to write that sort of thing, myself, but I always enjoy it when I see it.

I need to start listening to Night Vale again, it’s been way too long.

This was thoroughly amusing and made my morning. Thankyou, AgentS7! ^_^

This is hilarious! Very Night Vale-ish indeed. I once read a compelling crackpot theory; it suggested that FL and WTNV take place in the same universe. I must say, it doesn’t sound that unreasonable after all.