A change in souls: Where is the finale?????

So… I paid for the change in souls content, and followed it through to where I’ve decided to protect souls and am searching for like minded individuals, but there are no apparent leads. I think the last activity said to wait for an opportunity, but it’s been over a week and I keep getting re-dealt the regretful soldier’s card that appears to want this thread to be resolved first.

Am I missing something obvious or has my fate been glitched by incalcitrant scamps?
edited by y.ababua on 3/15/2015

It’s just bad luck. Sometimes it likes to withhold the cards you really want to get. Best of luck in getting the card you want!

We will see. The Blemmigans know the truth.

Indeed. Patience was the correct counsel. All is as well is it might be in this place.