A Certain Perverse Path

Recently, in an effort to gain trembling amber (I am told there is a good method in some of the new content, but I have not yet explored it) and also examine that option, I slaughtered some ten rubbery men in a dark alley to acquire the necessary warm amber, and then traded it to the 11th I encountered.

The thing I was thinking of was, AFAIK, to lure rubbery men into the dark alley and end their existence is the only &quotfast&quot way to accumulate warm amber, and the 11th such rubbery man you meat is also the one to whom you trade 100 warm amber for 1 trembling amber. Given that you get a (small) hit to Connected: Rubbery Men, from doing such a thing, implying they have at least a suspicion, it seems to me to be mildly odd that rubbery men still beckon towards you in the streets! And, more generally, doesn’t it seem to be a bit perverse to anyone else that to open this option where you trade with rubbery men, you have to slaughter rubbery men yourself and take goods they already possess?

Well, to be fair, a patient individual could always wait for the opportunity where a Rubbery Man GIVES you some Warm Amber. That option also knocks down Connected: Rubbery Men a bit, and only provides a small (3-4?) amount of Warm Amber, but if murdering Fluke children in darkened alleys has left you feeling morally ambiguous, it is another method…

I did it the hard way: I accepted (1 or 3) Warm Amber from the limping figure in a top hat. It took way too long, but even killing Rubbery Men to get all that Warm Amber is too slow to be profitable enough to be worth it. (12.5 Echoes in 11 Actions? Please…) Given how much easier it is to get Trembling Amber in the Cave of Nadir, I’d say that getting it from the Rubbery Men should work best for someone who’s involuntarily acquired a tremendous amount of Warm Amber from Bundles of Oddities and Forgotten Quarter expeditions. And that person would surely benefit from not having any Rubbery Men connections, so as to avoid constantly drawing the cards while accumulating all that Warm Amber.

It is a fairly sizeable hit to connections, I accidentally clicked it recently and lost a bunch of points. :(

In fact going by the values on the wiki if you have many points in connected: rubbery men at all, you’ll get more money by turning it in for amber in the forgotten quarter.

(Otoh it’d be profitable, but not reliable or exceptionally so, if you just got level 1 every time to get the card)
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All you murderers of my rubbery friends: I am watching you. And I shall SMITE you. glares

Sorry for the question, but are there any use for trembling ambers?

Trembling amber is a +3 (?) Persuasive weapon. But for higher level players it’s mostly good for selling. Although considering how much effort it takes to get one, it’s not really worth it.

[quote=dismallyOriented]Trembling amber is a +3 (?) Persuasive weapon.[/quote]I’m afraid you’re thinking of the unsellable Violet Amber. The blue Tremling Amber is so far just 12.5 Echoes of amber loot. Unless there’s Fate-locked uses for it.

When you think it takes 100 warm amber to get one trembling amber and you can trade 1 warm amber for 100 deep amber (worth 1 echo if you sell it) it really isn’t a good way to make money. So I got my Trembling Amber from expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter.

[quote=lady ciel ]… and you can trade 1 warm amber for 100 deep amber (worth 1 echo if you sell it) …[/quote]While I agree that 100 x Warm Amber is a too high price to pay for 1 x Trembling Amber, I’d still rather do that than spend 100 Actions (and opportunity cards!) trading all that Warm Amber for 100 Echoes’ worth of Deep Amber. Because that’s 50 Echoes less than spending those 100 Actions on a modest 150 ppa grind. So getting rid of 100 x Warm Amber in a single Action is the real reward when trading it in for Trembling Amber. The best thing is to never pick up any Warm Amber to begin with, unless one is low enough level that 70~100 ppa looks good. (67 ppa if you pick up 2 x Warm Amber from a Bundle of Oddities, as that’s three Actions to get 200 pence and +10 CP Rubbery Men.)

Yes I traded favours for a month until I got some trembling amber, which I’m probably never going to sell or use again. Such is Fallen London.

Sometimes I murder rubbery men just to keep my hand in.





I WILL HELP.[/quote]


i thought the most grindable way was to make a scientific expedition to the zee?

[quote=&quotMany&quot Chin]i thought the most grindable way was to make a scientific expedition to the zee?[/quote]Grindable for Warm Amber? So when the scientist returns to London with 100 x Warm Amber (or hundreds), the loping Rubbery Men with tentacles like hanged men’s fingers provide a quick way to get rid of it all? (I still haven’t left the University and its investigations.)

There’s an option on Corpsecage that gives 10 Warm Amber when you pick it (in addition to 40 Cyptopaleontological Notes). I dunno if it’s worth going through all that trouble specifically for Warm Amber, but if you’re there anyway it’s not bad.

I don’t think that’s particularly easily grindable since you need to go back through the Broad Unterzee every pass through the Corpsecage carousel.

I have to agree with babelfishwars and loon here. Stop killing my betentacled siblings-in-law.