A candy criminal?

So today i found myself in a most curious predicament: i was at ms plenty’s carnival eating some candy when a pair of burly constables apprehended me! Those ruffians told me that i was too suspicious to be left roaming the streets! I was pretty calm at first-i thought it was some kind of a joke! Yet’ when i was thrown in a courtroom and presented with a charge of “candy-eating” i was furious! Can’t a man enjoy some spore-tofee in peace? i told the judge that this has to be a mistake, yet, he only smiled and asked me: why was i chewing on it if i wasn’t participating in any dangerous and illegal activities? I told him that i merely fought some dangerous fungus near my lodgings and even donated my body to science for a bit- and that’s why i was chewing on candy to help me recover. I even presented some witnesses but he just laughed and sent me to prison.
Good citizens of fallen london-how can we tolerate this? Is it really a crime to be eating candy? is it really enough to throw one into jail?
(on that note-it is actually possible to write an epic poem by telling other artists how to “improve” their work and writing scathing reviews. I am not sure how to interpret that.)
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It depends on the candy.

Was your action, perhaps, so highly suspicious of potentially illegal activities… I know I myself was accused in such a manner after having spent to long in the company of certain persons in Spite, without, of course, having ever done any such actions myself.

A Lady pondering

You know if i actually ever did something illegal i wouldn’t be quite as mad-but going from an absolutely trustworthy and upstanding citizen( one could say my suspicion was 0) to imprisonment by just eating candy…this is waaay to much for my understanding.

Candy crimes are what you are convicted of if they can’t prove your other crimes. I suspect if you were being watched closely enough that they caught you with some stronger than average spore toffee, you’ve got some skeletons in your closet.

Is it actually, like, a law? i can imagine it " if the person is suspicious enough and is eating candy-throw him in jail" this is way too ridiculous. I can understand becoming quite suspicious-5 or 6 yeah but more? that’s ureasonable. At 6 you should be attracting enough attention to have your connections with the other attendees wink wink drop simply by making them suspicious too which they likely don’t appreciate.
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It hardly seems fair. Enjoying such sweets might simply mark one out as a proud soldier of the Empress. The 35th Dragoon Guards, I hear, are all very fond of toffee.

If there’s a tax on love stories leaving the Neath, then why not a law banning people who are loitering suspiciously around the carnival from eating spore toffee?

Love stories are very clearly stated to be very very valuable to the bazaar(university storyline, hints in the palace, prisoner’s honey exchange chain).
Spore toffee? not so much.

Correct, but that’s not common knowledge among the wider population, so apparently they have little trouble accepting laws even though they seem to be quite illogical.

Uh, didn’t you escape from prison that one time?

Oh but i was wearing a mask and i am pretty sure i adopted a whole new identity in town. Which is why i started with nothing but an abandoned crypt as my home~

In many, possibly all, real life countries, there are a class of laws that are only enforced when the constables can’t find a crime to pin on someone right off hand. Of course they would never misuse them, the very thought.
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It’s not misuse if they’re being put to their intended purpose. :)

By the way, have you been recieving all your payment for services rendered in the form of bulk goods and favours instead of good honest Echoes? That’s tax evasion, you know. Come with me, please.