A Candle Poem

The first is betrayal, the second midnight
The third one will take away your heart’s delight.
The fourth, though no candle, will cost you your fame
The fifth and your memories go up in flame.
And then comes the sixth one to light you up red
The seventh candle will chop off your head.
If you should gain them all, you inquire?
Why then you have fulfilled No One’s desire.

Continuing on from this point, you (once more) dismiss the out
as you depart for your voyage without any doubts.
And so you row, and row, and row some more,
row, row, row, row, until henceforth nevermore.

Dark, and gripping - the effect is edgy to the point of tripping a warning flag, but from your signature line, this sounds like this is a piece of something - &quotSeven scars, seven chains, a soul too stained for Hell, and seven sainted candles burning at the well&quot

Where do you think I might find portions relating to the scars, chains, or the stained soul?

EDIT - I Read Farewell to Love - together with Offsite RP? I guess I know who the stained soul is, at least from a point of perspective, not knowledge of identitiy. Sounds like a long-lived disciple of Cthulhu - a dreamer who has been trapped long and released recently - someone to fear.

I expect the seven scars link to identificaiton and the seven chains - I hope the seven chains might be of use!
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Someone doesn’t know about Seeking yet, I see. :D

Guilty! Still exploring at a noob level, i.e. wandering aimlessly…