A Bug.

My friend joined Fallen London recently. I sent him a surprise gift from the square of philosophers. It opened up the travel map, allowing him to go to other places in Fallen London, without breaking out of prison. He went. So, he got out of New Newgate by teleporting.

From the ingame “Help” tab:

[quote]Please tell us about it! You can reach us at support@failbettergames.com. Here’s what we’ll almost always need to know: your user name; what you tried to do, and what you expected to happen; and what happened instead, in as much detail as possible.

If you’re reporting a typo and remember the title of the storylet, please include that, but don’t worry if not. Some things that have been reported as typos, but are intentional: zailor; eery; moonish light; hansom cab; words ending in -ise and other British English usages.

We’ll almost always get back to you by the next working day. Sometimes we respond with blinding speed, but can of course not guarantee that - and please bear in mind that we’re on UK time.[/quote]