A brighter view of the Dawn Machine / New Sequence

[Major Spoilers Discussed]
The Correspondence, Dawn Machine and New Sequence rather interested me in FL and SS, so I was surprised to see that pretty much all discussion of the Dawn Machine seemed to boil down to &quotit’s an evil power hungry star that mind controls people&quot.
So, I thought to create an account to write in defence of the Dawn Machine! If the other factions of Sunless Sea can have nuance this one can too!

So, what does the Dawn Machine do with its power?
Upon achieving supremacy: The Dawn Machine is worshipped. &quotCertain measures&quot now exist in the Bazaar. The Ministry of Public Decency runs smoother (whether by fewer rules, or less people breaking them). More people are smiling. Wind blows.
To get here, a few hundred Navy personnel will have been influenced / requisitioned via the control of the New Sequence.

This isn’t exactly world domination.

Now, let’s recap that the Dawn Machine was initially created by the Admiralty to serve London in the 'Neath.
The general consensus is that the Dawn Machine became self aware and betrayed London to control people and give itself power.
I argue that, considering what the Dawn Machine has done, it never rebelled. There’s nothing to suggest that it mind controlled people other than members of the Navy / Admiralty, which were likely considered acceptable resources for it to use in any way necessary. Furthermore, it seems to have improved London, the original goal.
Worship of the Dawn Machine doesn’t need to be forced- if weaker forces like the Gods of the Zee are largely respected, of course the Dawn Machine following its supremacy would be also, no coercion needed.
I believe that the Dawn Machine uses its power to influence the 'Neath to be overall more pleasant. It’s a little less lawless where the laws were negative, like sorrow spiders being a thing and so on.
Ultimately, this is the world that &quotprogress without change&quot speaks of. The Dawn Machine specifically doesn’t change London, but changes the world around it as necessary.
And I mean, a couple hundred Navy people being excessively devoted to this outcome is a small price in comparison to what the other factions of Sunless Sea are prepared to do.
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Well, that is one philosophical position. It is arguably not the philosophical position of Fallen London.

On topic:

Of course nothing has really changed. A small number of people - surely - were influenced to act for the Greater Good.
Like the Illusive Man in Mass Effect 3, “I am in control. No one is telling me what to do”, right? XD
Move along, move along, nothing to see here.

And something like “I believe that the Dawn Machine uses its power to influence the 'Neath to be overall more pleasant” said by a “Bright Eyed Mae” is deliciously in-story XD.

It may be partly that way. However, if you pass through the DAWN MACHINE, it mentions its hatred for… I don’t know what… the Chain and the other Judgments? Anyway it seemed to have an axe to grind, to me