A Blue and Shining Stone?

So, this came from an opportunity card and I was wondering if anyone had found a use for it yet. My second alt is in need of echoes and I want to sell it, but I thought I’d ask first at least. Thanks for any help!

I generally just sell those. That opportunity card gives one of 2 rewards and doesn’t show up again as long as you hang onto them. They don’t have any use in the game outside their echo values and you’ll pick up another one eventually.

The other one being the Headful of Picaresque Tales?


Figures. I’ve been holding on to that for months, not knowing what it might possibly do. I guess I’ll sell it now!

I may do the same. I did not realize that the card (Headful of Picaresque Tales) that gives it would remain in my deck indefinitely.

Yeah the card re-appears on occasion (my luckier alt has gotten it at least half a dozen times) and there’s no use (yet?) for either item. Best to snatch the stone and sell it – iirc the other option costs a couple of echoes for buying drinks, so it’s less cost-effective.

The other option only costs five pence. The difference in cost-effectiveness is hardly noticeable, just pick what fits your character.