A bargain! Nice things for Sudden Insights!


Delicious friends! I’m in dire need of Sudden Insights to really, really quickly raise my Watchful.
Since I’m a fairly new player I don’t have much to offer, but I’m a creative sort. So I’m opening a little market, exchanging Sudden Insights for unusual rewards. Hopefully, my goods shall interest you!


[/b][/u]- Any kind of social actions, except for loitering

  • 60 First city coins
  • Funny pictures of my cats
  • Soft whispers of romantic phrases in Italian (I even have a pronunciation defect, my R sounds very French. It’s twice as romantic!)
  • A drawing of your character!
  • RATS
  • Drawings about rats!
  • A nice forum sign/avatar
  • Suggestions about interesting books and comics you surely don’t know
  • Anecdotes about strange animals

I’m not setting prices here, but obviously time-consuming rewards like drawings require a fair bit of chess-playing. I trust your honesty.
So let’s play chess together, shall we?


Book recommendations
Sir Joseph Marlen
Phryne Amarantyne

Vavakx Nonexus

Other rewards
TheThirdPolice asked for &quotan anecdote about an animal told in a romantic Italian accent&quot.

(Yes, I know, I could easily resolve my problem with alts.
But where would be the fun in that?)
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Sent you some as I’m grinding for another Cinder!
Btw, does one’s Watchful level determine the winner and the looser?

I am up for chess myself, no compensation needed.

I like chess… Sent an offer.

Sent an offer as well. I would love to hear about intriguing series I’ve invariably haven’t heard about!

I sent an offer. I want none of those things you offered though. In exchange for this chess game, and perhaps more later on, I would like your assistance in my experimentation with Mr.Page’s stall. If you don’t want to do that, consider the game free. I see no issue with helping another Seeker, even if I’m given no reward.
PM me if you’re okay with the Stall experimentation, otherwise go on as you were. Keep in mind though, if you’re successful at the Stall, you get an invaluable point in Seeking.
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@Skinnyman: say rather, one’s Watchful influences the result. I think all the competitions are RNG weighted by stat, so one can win and lose to the same opponent in consecutive games.

– Mal

A certain Flag-Bearer might or might not have sent you a double-handful of chess invites. If it is not a particular challenge, would you mind drawing my main character for me, or at least provide an anecdote for my(rather minimal, knowing the purpose of that particular alt) troubles.

I will send more. I like pictures but am interested to see if you can stump me with book recommendations. I consider myself a little bit of an expert.

If your eyeless skull is still available, I am in dire need of one and would be more than happy to play as many games of chess as you need. Name is DavidJ. Cheers!
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I’d be happy to play some chess. I’m in the same boat as you, so would it be alright if I just keep sending chess requests until you stay stop? Also, book recommendations are always nice.
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Many thanks for the help, delicious friends! I’m getting TONS of chess invitations, and I’ll accept them all as soon as I have more actions.

[quote=ExceptionallyDelicious]If your eyeless skull is still available, I am in dire need of one and would be more than happy to play as many games of chess as you need. Name is DavidJ. Cheers!
edited by ExceptionallyDelicious on 6/8/2016[/quote]No problem! Though I think you have to be the one requesting it, by using this action.

To everyone asking for a drawing: send me a description of your character!

To everyone asking for book recommendations: do you have any request, like a genre you really like, or do you prefer a surprise?

I’m a fan of classics, mysteries, things with philosophical or symbolic meaning behind the story, things with a sense of humor, and just about anything with a Fallen London kind of feel. Though, really, just about any suggestion will do. Thanks!
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You’re welcome to send Chess requests to both DragonRidingSorcereses and Seeker of Names.
(Can’t send any myself at the moment, I’m roaming the forums because I’m out of actions.)

I have sent 7 chess games since 7 is the number apparently. I don’t need anything but if you have something to give I won’t say no.

I am severely lacking in Watchful so an extra Insight from each game is certainly a bargain to me!

King of mobile today, but do you happen to need more invitations?

First post updated with the list of the nice people now expecting a reward. Let me know if I missed someone.
My message box is overflowing with chess. THERE IS CHESS EVERYWHERE. I’m using all my actions to accept the invitations and convert the Sudden Insights, but they are never enough.

Keep sending.

Well, pop a message if you need more as I may need more soon! :)
Hum… and I think a forum avatar would be nice if I am eligible for one. The current avatar offers a great description and, regarding style, not so childish, but not so serious. :D

Cheers and have a nice evening!

I would be delighted to play obscene amounts of chess, especially if a drawing is in the offing for it.