50 pickpocket trophies?

€ i didnt see the chill out option at the shop. drawing this card lets you collect trophies infinitely.

as i see it the only way to get this insane amount of trophies is to get a rare success while loitering.

without a rare you can get a maximum of 40 trophies
> pick the long trail starting with 5 destination (3 unseen, 5 dest)
> decrease by 2 from lucky loitering (1 unseen, 3 dest)
> get 6 actions with 5 trophies for 1 destination (9 dest, 30 tr)
> pickpocket jack (11 dest, 40 tr)

a rare loitering success will reset your unseen to 3, letting you loiter on and possibly gain infinite trophies. but considering that you probably ony get around 3,5 trophies per destination you will need at least two rares.

question time: whats the chance for the rare success here? did i miss any ways to reduce destinations? or get unssen back up? have you ever managed to get 50? i feel like 10 echoes worth of items is not really worth the unlikeliness of this working out. opinions?

if i get bored ill crunch the numbers on this tomorrow
edited by sathanas on 12/1/2014

Just looking at the wiki, it looks like if you fail with only 1 suspicion you can stash (some/all) of the trophies and come back for them.

Could you build to 50 on multiple runs using that mechanic?

Assuming they aren’t reset when you start a new run you would absolutely be able to build 50 using that mechanic.

ill need to try this since im not sure if having unseen 0 kicks you out. it does with suspicion 5 but it doesnt seem like it on theother two levels.

Well, the Curiosity Shop card also drops your Approaching Your Destination and increases your unseen, which can be put to Loitering, so if you draw enough of that, you could aslo use it to build 50. The best I’ve gotten is 42.

I can confirm that you can’t stash your goods and come back to them, it’s just a mechanism for kicking you out early. You get stuck on a screen where you can’t draw opportunity cards (there are cards visible, but you can’t draw any), and your only storylet option is to cash in what remains of your ill-gotten goods after you lose 5 for getting caught.

I just got 61 trophies without a single rare success, so your math is evidently invalid.

I second the mention of the Curiosity shop, and drawing Jack a lot is very useful too, especially for the Dangerous option.

Sounds like there’s a bug in there, somewhere. The fact that the deck is appearing but doesn’t produce cards is one, at the very least.

I don’t think that’s a bug, that just happens when there’s a deck in the area but you don’t qualify for any of the cards.

Right, now for the testing…



what one of the three possible options?


That one does imply you escaped, and you still have all but 5… But it only leads to cash in?

Wiki could use an update.

Shame, I was counting on it working.

Yeah, that’s what I found.
The wiki is correct, it just doesn’t tell you what screen that you get kicked to when leaving that screen.