5 card residences - a discussion

So, I recently figured out that getting not only one, but all of the 4 card residences can be done before the current cap on content (though many people don’t for one reason or another), and if nothing else, getting them not long after reaching the content cap. So I’m wondering what you guys think about another tier of residences that added yet another card. It would most likely require a change in the current visuals, but I think most of us would want it, even with the huge price tag it would likely come with. Also, if there was another tier, what type of places would they be? Perhaps a house on one of the other islands (haven’t been there yet, so I’m not sure how that would jive with whats there)? Perhaps an obnoxiously large mansion somewhere? A permanent residence in the Palace?

This isn’t really a suggestion (though it may end up going there), but I’m interested in your thoughts, delicious friends.

It would be cool if there chould be more dangerous and shadowy residencies the hight teir for shadowy is an old boat and the best dangerous one is a forgotten mansion for knife and candle, a game you cant even play anymore!

Perhaps lodgings that increase size of the opportunity deck.

That would be an interesting way to go with it nods. Then they don’t have to change around the current interface

Considering the exponential cost differential between 2, 3 and 4 card lodgings, I fear and dread the massive grind that might come with a five card lodging. If going from 2 cards to 3 to 4 are any indication, a five card lodging should cost somewhere near the Overgoat territory.

But lodgings can offer all sorts of cool things other than more cards(4 of which are, frankly, plenty) including Bizarre, Dreadful or Respected. They can offer new opportunity cards. They can provide bonuses to the four main qualities. They can offer up their own, singular paths for storylets. They could be used to craft different materials differently(you’d need a Smoky flophouse to transform Strangling Wilow Absinthe into Partial Maps, or something)
I like the idea of more lodgings or using current lodgings for all sort of new things, but I would be careful what you wish for when it comes to a massive, grind heavy goal. Unless you had help with it. From, say, your clique? Perhaps if they all pooled their abilities to create a Headquarters, perhaps?

I do wish our current Lodgings conferred some sort of Bizarre/Respectable/Dreaded bonus. I’m quite surprised it hasn’t been done yet. The whole Lodgings concept is somewhat underutilized, really: there is pretty much no point in moving, except for roleplaying purposes.

Some new high-level lodgings would be lovely, though: perhaps a private island, a zeppelin, or even a permanent “dream palace” of sorts, perhaps reached by using a rare kind of honey?

I’d definitely see the Rooms at the Brass Embassy giving Dreaded, the Royal Beth Bizarre and the Lodgings at the Bazaar Respectable. Also, Dreaded for the Tramp Steamer and Respectable for the Handsome Townhouse, maybe?

Possible places: Private Island in the Underzee, summer-house in Polythreme, private “room” at the Labyrinth, room in an abandoned wing of the Palace, dressing room in Mahogany Hall. There is a lot of options that aren’t MUCH stranger than the 4 card group

I would pay almost anything for a Summer home in Polythreme. It seemed to be one of the most charming islands on the Unterzee…I love it!

I’m having enough difficulty getting the other side of the map… and the boat to ride in. I swear, I’ve lost 4 times while trying to get the yaht. I’m going hardcore next time.

I don’t think we really need five-carders, but I’d love to see more functionality and gameplay differences between the existing lodgings. Using the new stats does seem the logical conclusion.

Personally, I have always dreamed of my own stalactite in the cavern roof, and an air ship for transport.