5-card Lodgings- are there opportunity cards?

Does anyone know if the Spire-Emporium and Suite at the Royal Beth have opportunity cards that accompany them? I acquired them just recently from that charming Wicket.

Nope, the opportunity cards remain those of the 4-cards lodgings

Upgrading the Brass Embassy lodgings to the 5-card version does unlock two more options on its card. I don’t recall that being true with the Beth or Spire, though.

The Bazaar Spire-Emporium doesn’t unlock new cards, but it unlocks a very lucrative new option on the Premises card.

It does? I am not seeing anything new…

I’m not familiar with such an option either.

To the best of my knowledge, the only thing which is unlocked by having a 5-card lodging is the ability to pay 40 Fate and get a devil or deviless as Companions, if you have the Brass Embassy Sanctum.

Incidentally, what does the ‘Tower’ mean on each of the lodging opportunity cards? i.e. Tower of Eyes, Western Tower, etc.

Personally I had though being a card it might possibly have something to do with this?