20 Fate

I am considering an expenditure that will leave me with 20 extra Fate. I will not be able to purchase any spare Fate afterward, and I’d rather not have 20 Fate sitting around waiting to be accidentally frittered away in hand refill misclicks. So, I thought I’d gather opinions about what you all thought the best use of such a sum would be. I’m more interested in story than material rewards, although I’m a sucker for unusual items, too.

N.B. Not counting a few months’ exceptional friendship, I have not made any Fate purchases, so nothing is (in that sense) off the table. I have also completed this Sacksmas (having thought of this expenditure a few days late to spend Fate on investigation) and don’t really want to hang onto the Fate until the Exceptional Rose blooms, all of which basically means, no holiday suggestions, thanks.
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the theological husbandry in labirinth of tigers is exactly 20 fate… coincidence? probably, but still

What gronostaj said, and…

&quotThe Mysteries of the Foreign Office&quot (top level Persuasive tier, aka after you’ve been banished from Court) cost exactly 20 Fate. They’re interesting story-wise, and you get either a unique Home Comfort or Spouse on top.

&quotThe Spinning of the Wheels&quot (Fate-locked Velocipede Squad extension) also costs 20 Fate. You get a unique Transport which is also the best-in-slot BDR item. Opinions are divided about the story itself.
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Theological Husbandry is a good choice because it opens permanent options and allows you to pick up several Fate-locked companions. However, you can’t take full advantage of T.H. without also having access to Flute Street. Personally, I think the lore is okay-ish.

You could invite the Captivating Princess to your salon 20 times to get an insane amount of MW … but this does leave your Fate sitting around for a long time and gives virtually no lore.

The Velocipede Squad is 20 Fate and you can pick up a transport item, depending on your choices.

There’s at least one Foreign Office story for 20 Fate; I don’t know much about it.

'Shroom Hopping for 3 Fate is fun.

Visit the Wry Functionary for 15 Fate is supposed to be pretty good lore, but I’ve not played it.

Fate-locked archaeology is entertaining, although not exceptionally lore-rich if I recall correctly.

I very much enjoyed the story of Contract: A Miniature Menace for 3 Fate. Depending on choices you can get a Fate-locked companion.

Shroom hopping is not only fun – it is now most profitable in terms of favours.

Oooh, shroom-hopping gives Favours now? I didn’t know that! Nice :)

I really enjoyed shroom-hopping. Lee spent a lot of time doing it when she first started out. The skill checks would probably be too easy now. I didn’t remember that it gave favors either.

The Velocipede Squad gives a lot of BDR for the Fate. I don’t know whether it really adds any lore.

If you’re interested in governing Port Carnelian, or in buying Church favors with glim, you could also spend 15 Fate on Your Aunt. (I don’t think that Sian would choose any of the other options for his own Aunt.)