2 Questions: Interactive Maps, and Temporary Areas

Inaugural post of a newbie here, hallo! Two questions that are vaguely related:[li]

1). The Fallen London Map allows travel to new areas - is there a way to get my map to do that? I don’t seem to be able to when I select the &quotplay this storylet&quot option. And if it is possible, do I have to use the FL visual component of the map as well? (My world doesn’t take place in one city).

2). I want one of my areas to have an action limit - so, players can only do, say, 9 actions before they are automatically booted from the area and can’t return. Anyone know if/how I can make this happen?

I’m consulting the reference guide and wiki regularly, but if I missed something I apologize in advance for my ignorance :)
Thank you!

Maps – no can do in StoryNexus. You can move players around using storylet branches though.

Action limits in an area – also no can do; the parts of the game to which you have access as a developer don’t know anything about the player’s action count. However, what you can do is create a quality for a specific area that you set when the player moves to that area and is decremented every time they do something in that area. Once it reaches zero, you lock out all other cards apart from one that will move them back to a default area (or whatever). So, the same effect, just with more manual work involved.

That was really helpful–thank you cyberpunkdreams