"2 crew terror 100" exploit fix (mini-mod)

What this fix/mod does:

It modifies &quotquesting tentacle&quot, &quotroused at midnight&quot and &quotpale visitors&quot events to have chance of triggering with 2+ crew, instead of being limited to 3+. No other changes to those events or their requirements (terror, etc) were made.


As of 29.09.2017 (as so, unlikely to be officially fixed, ever), vanilla, fully patched Sunless Sea (inc. Zubmariner) still contains following issue:

By having exactly 2 crew members, one can wave off terror effects (sail with terror 100 without fear of &quotgame over&quot). Reason:
1. &quotMUTINY!&quot endgamer event have 4+ crew (terror 100) requirement.
2. &quotDrownie’s song&quot endgamer require no more than 1 crew member (terror 100).
3. Random crew loss by &quotquesting tentacle&quot (terror 90+), &quotRoused at midnight&quot (terror 75+) and &quotpale visitors&quot (terror 75+, can be negated and reduce terror by spending 1 fuel) have all ‘crew 3 or more’ requirement.

As a result, sailing with 2 crew members and terror 100 make you almost completely immune to terror effects, allowing to sail with 100, as long as you want.
To make things worse, Lampad-class cutter (5 crew) + &quotwe are clay&quot (-3 crew quarters) combo allows to sail with 2 crew members as… Full compartment (2/2 crew, full speed, terror does nothing). Think what you want about possible reasons, but it is game-breaking exploit.

Even if you don’t want to use it on purpose, game fails to kill you when it should way to often (if you try the Cutter), not to mention inability to use cutter + &quotwe are clay&quot without feeling cheaty. Thus, this mod was created.


Unpack (when in doubt about what to do with .tar file, try 7zip), put the &quotterror-fix&quot directory into your &quot~/Sunless Sea/addon&quot directory. On Linux, it is &quot$HOME/.config/unity3d/Failbetter Games/Sunless Sea/addon&quot. For other systems or when in doubt, use your favorite search engine to find it.

I’ve tested it and found no problems (it is simple fix, really), but just in case, backup’ing your autosave file is recommended.



Happy zailing,
edited by CatLady on 10/16/2017

I’ve fixed this internally, the next build we do will bring this live. We’re working on a bug fixing update, but at present don’t have a release window to share.

Always hated the whole terror mechanic. Kinda hard to associate with a captain that dies because of being frightened. So, gladly used the 2-3 exploit(all those negative &quotgameover&quot effects don’t apply to 3-crew, just as the 2-crew).
edited by Autonomous on 5/1/2018

I hope that fixing this “bug” is taking several other situations in the game into consideration. IE: successfully heading down Adam’s Way leaves you with one hull point and one crew member and if your map spawn is unlucky London will be the closest port you can recrew.

Huge &quotthank you&quot for incorporating the fix into vanilla game!
edited by CatLady on 8/6/2018