17th Heirloom Bug\Exploit.

If you have a captivating treasure, 10 outlandish artifacts, and 15 heirlooms you can get a 17th heirloom by converting the treasure then the heirlooms without leaving your study. Presumably works the other way around and with 11 artifacts and the townhouse.

Very likely the check for how many heirlooms happens only when you enter your study and needs to happen when you create a heirloom. It’s an extremely minor bug\exploit.

The code in this game seems very tight TBQH, I’ve seen the very occasional oddity in fighting and getting double loot but I can’t replicate it. Failbetter does a good job in all aspects of what they do, esp the storytelling.

On the note of bugs, I’ve found that if you let the credits roll all the way, the menu doesn’t come back. I guess they didn’t have the patience to test this. :)

That is hilarious.

Bug reports should be sent to support@failbettergames.com so that the proper staff can see it.

You presume I want this fixed :D

I’m pretty sure the issue is just caused by a typo. The option to make an heirloom says it requires no more than 16 heirlooms rather than 15.