104 Meritorious Copy - Impossible?

I am currently trying to publish the truth regarding the affair of the box, but I cannot seem to manage the 104 Meritorious Copy needed to publish the paper required to improve my paper’s reputation. Where am I going wrong?

You need opportunity cards as well. The storylets won’t cut it alone.

Thank you for the advice. Any particular opportunities I should keep an eye out for?

While you are partway through publishing an edition various bronze cards may appear that allow you to interview friends who follow a different Ambition than your own (for 3 of each kind of copy), or make a (Shadowy?) test to obtain 6 of a particular kind of copy. For example, if you have at least 10 Hours remaining you might get the card “The Food You Eat,” which can get you 6 Meritorious copy. At fewer hours there’s “Your Day on Court Duty.” There might be another, but I can’t remember it off hand. Good luck!
edited by hwango on 12/27/2012

My advice is to start up a run of doing the newspaper, but go no further. Then, simply play as normal and flip cards as often as you can. You can still get the newspaper cards while away from Doubt Street. Send out invitations as they come, and one card that raises a specific copy type (There’s no point in doing, say, both the meritorious AND scandalous ones. Also, I’ll refer to these cards as “copy cards”). Once you’ve gotten 1 copy card and 2 invitation replies (Or 2 of the same copy card), go do a paper with a focus on that kind of copy. If you do 4 invitations, great, you can focus on any one of the three. If you get two different copy cards, just save the second one for your next run.

Following those tips should allow you to hit 104 copy relatively often.