100 terror and no mutiny ?

Is this a bug. My crew had been starving for a while, bit I still had 6 or 7 left when our terror first reached 100. I began to get bad events, but all they seemed to do was increase terror (which was already maxed.)

The end result was that i was able to keep sailing, with almost no consequences from terror it seems.

Isn’t the crew supposed to mutiny and end that captain’s game at 100 terror ?

It’s a bug or you’re very lucky.

Not a bug. Mutiny at 100 terror is technically a random event. It doesn’t happen instantly at 100 nor does it always happen. 100 terror just unlocks the possibility of mutiny, and often it happens right away but that’s really up to the rng.

Mutiny at 100 terror will end up in a fight that halves your crew (go to kingeater castle if you want to see that in action), otherwise, it’s a bug, throw a report in :)

Also, if you’re down to a skeleton crew already (3 or fewer, I think?) they won’t mutiny. I don’t know if this is intentional, but it seems in-universe plausible to me: the situation is too desperate for a mutiny to seem like a good option.