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Rocket Heeled Jack
Rocket Heeled Jack
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Alright, so I’m having a problem with Salts curse again and this time, it’s not just because something bad happened, it’s because of the level of penalty that Salts curse levies against you when it falls.
Spoiler break for those not wanting to know

Tomb colonist run, at the end, In Irem, one of the options sends you back with the reward of a captivating treasure and 1500 echoes, one of them sends you home with Salts Attention, Salts Curse, no treasure, and 1100 echoes, no way to tell between the two which option does what. [/spoiler]
The problem I have with Salts Curse is not that it falls on you, or the suddenness of the aforementioned, but in the cost that it takes to remove it, seven secrets, which may be fine at the beginning of the game when you’ve got secrets spare, but towards the middle and end of the game, when the secrets have been used up and you’re struggling for fragments everywhere, seven secrets isn’t something that can be easily built up, and when you look at the equivalent cost if you know where to go to buy secrets, it’s the equivalent of 6993 echoes, seven shy of buying a shiny merchant cruiser, all for either a random choice with no way to tell the difference, or a triggered event every time you go to a certain place for strategic information.
If it were money, something could be done about it, and you could avoid London and trade till you’d had time to build up the relevant money to remove the curse, but secrets…

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