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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Mr. Mercutio
Mr. Mercutio
Posts: 133

Greetings dear Neathy friends!

I am Mr. Mercutio, noted Correspondent and philanthropist, and I am rearing a great Litter of Parabolan Kittens. My Bazaar Emporium has been converted into a Parabolan Kitten Plantation of sorts. It'll be a sensation... truly an inspiration to us all. That is why I have the great goal of gathering up 101 kittens to join me.

My beloved Panther companion is perhaps a little weary of my enthusiasm, and I cannot blame her. Also, my forays into the jungle have become somewhat difficult as of late. That damnable Ophidian Gentleman simply will not let up.

So if you have any Kittens in need of a good home among many (MANY) friends, please deliver them to my doorway! I shall take great care of them and should also be most grateful to any who offer me aid. I am a gentleman of somewhat gregarious nature and means, and shall be inclined to reward those who can help.

You may reach me via post at http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Mr~Mercutio

Thank you!
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Mr. Mercutio
Immortal. Rich. Only moderately insane.

Want a taste of immortality? Reach out to me in-game to ask for a sip of Hesperidean Cider. Please follow Ocelot's guide to asking here.

New to our dark city? Send me a message in-game and I will respond when I can with a welcome gift!

I welcome most social actions, so feel free to send them to me. Just please don't ask me to Loiter Suspiciously or to help with the Affluent Photographer. I have disavowed all knowledge of her.

Galatea LaChance
She has gone North, and none shall know what she found there.
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