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A game of survival, trade and exploration in the universe of Fallen London

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simon baxa
simon baxa
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Hello. New guy here. simon baxa. Illinois says Hi.

Anyway. Farming Palmerston. (no idea what your policy is on spoilers) Once I reach the Wistful Deviless and carry correspondence between her and the Brass Embassy, the option of "Independent Verification" becomes available. Succeeding gives me +1 Brimstone Buzzings (which do not occupy hold space, are stackable, and can be sold for 150 echos to the admiralty) at the cost of +1 Terror, and instead of choosing the 2 story options, I simply click "Perhaps Not" which takes me back to the port menu. On successful results, back out all the way, hit "E" twice to redock/save, and repeat the process, reloading only after failures (I savescum a lot). Long story short, my dreadnaught's name is Astrid.

Quick numbers:
+1 Terror = 1 Brimstone Buzzings = 150 echos
So, depending on how much terror you're comfortable floating around with:
+30 Terror = 30 Brimstone Buzzings = 4500 echos
+50 Terror = 50 Brimstone Buzzings = 7500 echos
(forgot to mention, selling to the admiralty also gives 1 Admiralty's Favour each time. I've been capped out at 50 for a while now.)

I'm fairly certain this is extremely unintended, so I do hope this gets noticed.

That's my secret. Love the game, by the way.

edited by simon baxa on 11/10/2014
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