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A game of survival, trade and exploration in the universe of Fallen London

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Let me simply say first that overall I love this game.

Ambiance, stories, premise, graphics and core game mechanics are groundbreaking. Stories like the fate of the Sisters of Hunters Keep are haunting. Music is breathtaking combined with sceneries. That being said, there definitely is lot of room for improvement to make it even better across the board.

Trade needs a lot of work, and much more value. The various ports should buy and sell more goods based on their backgrounds, and profits should be higher. Selling things like Romantic Literature is too much of a pain in the a** for so little profit. Its just not worthwhile currently.

Combat is shallow, unrewarding and at times nonsensical. Needs a lot more work. I would prefer a text based decisions making combined with the current active time battle system. More complexities are needed. More rewards for winning combat. Are torpedoes not implemented? Enemy ships seem to be following different laws of physics. Only one tactics is useful - face the enemy ship and reverse. Needs broadside guns for more meaningful maneuvering.

(bug?) The Blind Broker goes berserk on loading my save-game. Somehow calculates my saving and reloading as another trip. Accuses me of pocketing his 1000 bucks. I lose 500 echoes (and any subsequent missions from the Cheery Man? - that would be very disappointing).

Game is not properly balanced economy wise. Increase profits per trip. Reduce grind. Let people enjoy the stories better. The time I most enjoyed the game was when I added some extra echoes by editing my savegame. Trading, taxiing and combat should be more rewarding.

There should be many other ships roaming the Zee - merchants, military and what not. But I hear this feature is already on the way.

And of course, since I love it so, I would prefer the game world to be much bigger.I was kind of disappointed with the brief escapade into the... "overworld" ie Naples and the trips around Mediterranean. It had the promise of a new place to explore, but instead all I got was a couple more menus and luck based options.
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